Emerging Markets

1. Building the Future

Smart buildings & cities

Our goal has always been to be a world leader in helping build smart buildings & cities across the globe. We aim to help keep occupied space of all kinds more connected, sustainable, healthy, and adaptable to our constantly changing global community. Our vision in this space is to help buildings and communities be more interconnected with its occupants, and adapt to the future by installing new age technologies that will utilize the cleanest and most efficient resources to keep us all healthy, sustainable, and excited to be a part of our communities. Services will include: biometric integration & sensor technologies, convergent networks & predictive maintenance systems, wireless retrofits, smart energy grids, smart glass, solar technologies and vertical indoor agriculture systems.

2. Capital Investments

Investing in Buffalo

As we grow as an organization, we also aim to help develop Buffalo & WNY as well. We believe growing our business alongside our community goes hand in hand. As we continue to further our client base and overall resources, we plan to make strategic capital investments into our community’s properties and infrastructure. Through our capital improvements investments, we will upgrade and retrofit properties in Buffalo to become showcase examples of what our iconic city should look like.

3. Procurement

It is important that we solidify our reputation as the #1 resource for all building needs. Our plan to achieve that is to be the centralized resource for all range of clients’ needs. With our internal infrastructure, we will be able to be the only call a client needs to make. Just let us know what needs to be built, and we will make it happen. We will source every aspect of the project ourselves, and be the sole source of communication for our clients. We will assign the design team, award general contractors & sub-trades contracts, source the materials, and elect the construction management group to oversee the project. This service will render endless value as the client only needs the idea in mind and we will make the rest come to fruition.

4. Labor-Force Staffing

WBI believes there is a major market for workforce staffing needs. As each year passes the need for worker demand becomes greater and labor-force supply becomes smaller. Our goal in this space is to enhance the worker experience by giving the manpower a bigger-picture reason to be engaged in each project. WBI intends to give labor more resources to stay connected with management & design teams, utilize better technologies so they may get their jobs done better, and increase their connectivity with each installation through advanced modeling technologies. We think that if the working experience utilizes the latest and greatest technologies each day, has more involvement in each day’s installs, and start closing the gap between office and field, we will see a revitalized workforce that does more with less and becomes younger and younger as demand continues to increase. WBI will become the model for this way of thinking, and will be the #1 resource for the best workforce available on any job in any trade.