Fabrication Buffalo, Fabrication Rochester

As one of Western New York’s fastest growing fabrication shops, we are pleased to announce our full line of fabrication services.  Our hope is to earn your business with a “starter” project, such as a field installation or a packaged system in house, then let our work quality earn back your business for future work.  Our 7,500 SQFT facility, fully trained shop & field staff, and excellent leadership team, make us your most convenient choice for fabrication services.

Our facility is located directly between Buffalo and Rochester on Route 33.   Our direct field staff covers all areas from Erie, PA to Syracuse, NY.   Additionally, our WBI Network spans across the USA for installations and field support anywhere, and our facility can ship packaged systems to anywhere in the world as well.

Pre-fabricated construction can have some major benefits to projects, including energy-efficiency, financial savings, flexibility, more consistent quality, reduced site interruption, shorter construction time, & enhanced safety.

     One of the benefits of pre-fabrication & offsite construction is the accelerated construction schedule.                         One of the benefits of pre-fabrication & offsite construction is the quality consistency.                           One of the benefits of pre-fabrication & offsite construction is the accelerated construction information.


According to a recent study of architects, engineers, & contractors, the vast majority of respondents identified an accelerated construction schedule, along with improved quality as main attractions of off-site construction.

Willett Builders has a diverse background in many aspects of construction & development, and being able to employ these unique fabrication services is something we are proud to offer.

Let our team take care of any of your fabrication needs!

Client Markets

Our team of technical experts are constantly refining ways to streamline project delivery.  Our fabrication service is a proven way we can improve capital efficiency for our clients, across all industries, including:

• Water Treatment
• Transportation
• Food & Beverage
• Pharmaceutical
• Oil & Gas
• Energy Generation
• Energy Transmission
• Dairy Equipment
• Agricultural
• Landfills
• Commodities
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Private Enterprise

Our Fabrication Services

One stop shop for your fabrication needs.

Our focus is to grow the long-term relationship with our clients.  From a single product, to large complex systems, Willett Builders holds itself to the highest of standards. We aim to always offer superior quality, with consistency throughout every project.

Our  services include:

• Advanced Sourcing Methods
• Prefabrication Design & Constructability Reviews
• Design / Engineering Services
• Procurement & Planning
• Onsite & Offsite Fabrication
• Project Management
• Global Distribution
• Onsite Commissioning

Packaged Systems

Fabrication Buffalo, Fabrication Rochester

Saving our clients time & money, and adhering to the highest of standards is part of our core mission.  Our fabrication team can build:

• Instrument Air Systems
• Compressed Air Systems
• Gas Control Systems
• Booster Systems
• Separation Systems
• Demineralized Water Systems
• Treated Water Systems
• Cooling Water Systems
• Auxiliary Power Systems
• Batching & Blending Systems

Process Piping

Fabrication Buffalo, Fabrication Rochester

Willett Builders can fabricate all types of industrial process piping for projects all over the United States, including:

• Fuel/Gas/Oil Handling Systems
• Steam Handling Systems
• Chemical Handling Systems
• Blending & Batching Systems
• Vessels / Tanks / Valves
• Stainless / Galvanized / Carbon / Alloy Steel / Brass / Aluminum
• Heat Exchange
• Separators & Deaerators
• Conveyors

Power & Energy

Fabrication Buffalo, Fabrication Rochester

Our unique background makes us an ideal partner for fabrication needs servicing the power & energy sectors.  Our team can build:

• Industrial Pipeline Systems
• Transmission Line Systems
• Oil & Gas Distribution Systems
• Chemical Distribution Systems
• Energy Generation Systems
• Energy Storage Systems
• Water / Wastewater Treatment
• Regulator Stations
• Gas Trains

Container Concepts

Fabrication Buffalo, Fabrication Rochester, Container Fabrication

We have worked with architects, design firms, & commercial clients to ensure their containers meet their exacting needs.  Some examples of container concepts our fabrication experts have worked on, include:

• Agriculture Systems
• Home, Office, and Retail
• Portable Power Generation
• Portable Utilities
• Modular Building Concepts
• Storage Systems

Why Work With Us

Our Capacity: WBI can fabricate systems of all types. Ranging from process piping to structural steel, we can design, construct, deliver, and maintain systems accordingly. We have a CWI onsite for code welding applications, along with staff from all corners of the trades to fabricate systems for any project.

WBI Advantage:

WBI is one of the few construction firms that can build the complex systems required to meet the needs of customers in the oil, natural gas, and commodities sectors.  We are also one of the only fabrication companies that can deliver a start to finish application, from design stages to delivery onsite.

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