Building: An Experienced, Full-Service Construction Partner
Willett Builders is a full service construction firm serving Buffalo & Rochester, with talented tradesmen offering general trades construction, MEP construction, HVAC construction, & plumbing construction.

Willett Builders, Inc. prides itself on having a quality team, capable of performing many types of construction trades for our clients, & partners.

With millions in project values managed, over 40 completed projects built, and a client base that spans across the USA, we are one of the fastest growing construction firms in Western New York.

WBI provides a complete end-to-end project delivery solution for our client base. As a full-service construction firm, we can design, engineer, manage, install, and maintain any commercial or industrial building project. If you are a developer, we can help. If you are a school district, we can help. If you are a government body, we can help.

Whether it is  a new structure, renovation project, or retrofit we have background experience in all areas. Our network, certifications, experience, and capabilities make us the best choice for any commercial or industrial building need.

In addition to living and work space construction, we also have experience in industrial systems whether it be a power plant, landfill, transmission, or manufacturing project.  No matter what the project is we have been a part of its area of construction for several decades in some capacity. Let our experience, network, and efficiency work for your project’s successful completion.

The future of our business will be even more dynamic, more capable, and more widespread. We envision ourselves becoming a world leader in helping build smart buildings & cities across the globe. We aim to help keep occupied space of all kinds more connected, sustainable, healthy, and adaptable to our constantly changing global community. Through our ever-growing partnerships, our vast network of different providers, and continued end-to-end delivery method, there will be no better firm to build the world’s most cutting-edge projects!

One Company, Unlimited Resources

Willett Builders is a full service construction firm serving Buffalo & Rochester, with talented tradesmen offering general trades construction, MEP construction, HVAC construction, & plumbing construction.

With us, the sky is the limit!

At Willett Builders, we created a team and a network that took decades to cultivate.  We are proud of our roots in Western New York, and take great joy in knowing that we help create and maintain our children’s schools, our neighborhood hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings that employ thousands, and many other projects that benefit Buffalo & Rochester, and all of Western & Central New York.

Our experienced team will relieve any concerns you may have, because we can take the responsibility from the beginning through completion.  Hiring the right contractor will ensure the job is done right the first time, and our large network of tradesmen allows for quality control with cost and time savings.  We have extensive experience working across different sectors, with different government offices, and with many other construction firms, architects, engineers, and designers.

Major construction projects have thousands of details, and our experience has proven we can manage every one successfully.

General Trades Construction

General trades construction including carpentry, masonry, concrete work, & more offer quality controls in construction projects.

Our general trades construction division provides expertise on all types of commercial construction projects. We are committed to exceeding your expectations with state of the art craftsmanship.

Our team can assist your project in the following general trades:

• Masonry Restoration
• Concrete Work
• Rough & Finish Carpentry
• Selective Demolition
• Windows & Doors
• Flooring Construction
• Steel Framing & Openings
• Site Work

WBI Advantage:

Our General Trades leadership staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the GC building trades. Our personalized approach to each project gives each contractor, customer, and consultant a level of comfort that very few of our competitors can achieve. We coordinate well, maneuver quickly, and move things forward always. Our reputation for solving problems quickly, responsiveness to client’s needs, and having an overall level of caring and respect earns us the magnitude of referrals and recommendations we are proud to receive.

MEP Construction

Willett Builders serves Buffalo & Rochester, offering commercial & industrial installation services for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP Construction) systems

WBI provides commercial & industrial installation services for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. WBI has the tools to address the entire workflow of industrial HVAC, water and power systems seamlessly and easily.

WBI Advantage:

We have most of our experience in this area of construction. Our dynamic approach to pre-fabrication in this area of construction really sets us apart. Our facility’s equipment and software allows us to maximize efficiency and reduce time for installation drastically. Our direct lines of communication from the shop to the field allows us to meet exact needs of things like points of connection, obstacles in the structure, space requirements, assembly requirements, and coordination requirements.

HVAC Construction

HVAC construction worker looking at HVAC system.

Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) construction is a major focus area of Willett Builders.  HVAC systems can be very complex, and of course their importance & value never overstated.  You deserve a partner with the right mix of labor force, experience, & management to oversee any HVAC construction project.

Our diverse capabilities managing HVAC construction include:

• Water / Steam / Air Heating
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Indoor Air Quality Work
• Temperature Controls System
• Ventilation Systems
• Refrigeration Piping
• Boiler Construction
• Sheetmetal Work
• Heat Transfer Packages

WBI Advantage:

Our HVAC leadership includes over 30 years of HVAC construction experience, 10 years of HVAC Design-Build experience, as well as a Mechanical Engineering degree on staff. We are able to design, build, and maintain HVAC systems of all sizes. Our equipment gives us the capability to demo & install rooftop HVAC units of all sizes, on many occasions multiple units simultaneously. WBI also has the ability to utilize our local sheet metal union association to satisfy any labor force need.

Plumbing Construction

Willett Builders serves Buffalo & Rochester, offering comprehensive plumbing construction services.

Our reputation around Western New York for managing small & large plumbing construction projects is something we are very proud of, and are grateful to our team, partners, & clients.

Willett Builders can help with:

• Domestic Water Piping
• Waste & Sanitary Piping
• Drainage Piping
• Plumbing Fixtures Installation
• Pumps & Compressors Work
• Water Heater Construction
• Water & Sewer Main Construction
• Utility Work

WBI Advantage:

Our Plumbing leadership includes over 50 years of construction experience. We are able to design, build, and maintain Plumbing systems of all sizes. WBI also has the ability to utilize our local plumbing union association to satisfy any labor force need. Our professional services include Mechanical Engineering, Pre-fabrication, Certified Welding Inspection, and a fully staffed field workforce.

Delivering Innovative Solutions For Our Clients

Construction team discussing project.

Our mission when we started Willett Builders, was to be able to service any need our clients had.  Willett Builders has a leadership team who is always looking to integrate the latest construction technology & processes into their projects.

When you partner with us, you gain access to an entire team dedicated to providing you the knowledge, resources, technical skills, and capabilities to deliver on any area of construction.

We are very excited of our rapid growth since we recently launched, and know it is in large part to our amazing team, who always remains focused on maintaining quality and safety throughout, and taking great pride in our responsiveness and honest communication.


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