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Architect Holmby Hills

Architect Holmby Hills

The pricing system of architects is a process that mystifies architectural firms too. The American government restricted fee recommendations by the American Institute of Architects. This case means that the architects act on their own accord while deciding the payment process.

The only issue with the system is very few people address the matter. Customers are bound to experience fluctuating prices for the same services and products. There are, however, essential structures that define how one can move ahead with any design. Here is a breakdown of what to expect while proceeding with any architectural project.

Pricing systems of an architectural project


Architects will bill you for hours they spend working on the site. Prices differ on every project and architect firm in Holmby Hills. The hourly fee is only problematic when the client does not believe the number of hours one spends on the project. Most people do not get away with paying the exact amount of the stipulated project. It is, however, possible to control the value by asking the architect not to exceed a specific number of works.

The hourly charge is excellent for the design stage. Small and moderate architect firms are flexible in adjusting the fee structure.

Fixed fee

A fixed-rate contract with the architect is the most straightforward charge for the project. Typically, the architect will not have a fixed price until they understand the details of the project. The fixed price generally is fit for small projects because the tasks are easily scalable. The architect can charge an hourly rate at the beginning stage and finally revert to a permanent final fee for the remaining tasks.


There is a good chance that the architect’s fee can also be the percentage of the construction costs. The pricing is difficult to substantiate and typically varies according to the price of the project. The final cost of the project could be a bid after several attempts by the firm’s architects.

The exact percentage is fluid for different architects and can vary between eight and twenty percent. A firm with a low rate could offer essential services, while the overhead charges will include a full construction package. A professional architect will evaluate the final cost of the project before they begin the construction, or at the end of the design process.

Can you negotiate the payment fees?

It is essential to maintain realism while negotiating any size of a construction project. The discrepancy between clients and the firm is unclear when the architect does not have a budget at hand. A helpful method is to take into account the estimated construction costs and include soft fees such as:

  • The architect’s fee
  • Permit fees
  • Expected fees of services like a soil report of the new water meter

The advantage of working with Van Parys architect and Design is that we will give you an upfront warning about the budget. We respect the set fee structure and will highlight areas that may need a flexible financial plan. You can use the following questions to clarify the payment fee and structure before signing the contract.

Questions to ask before accepting a payment form

Do repetitive units earn a discount?

The number of units on the construction bears a reasonable responsibility for the architect. The discount rate or possibility depends on the architect’s offer.

What is a stipulated sum?

This amount includes the architect’s direct expenses and changeable expenses like overhead and profit. The stipulated sum does not cover reimbursable expenses, which are out-of-pocket expenses that the architect pays on behalf of the owner. Reimbursement charges include the cost of traveling to the site, communication, production of documents, and overtime premium services.

Can you determine the fee without the full scope of the project?

Engaging the architect about the definition of the project is one way of determining the eventual fee. The architect firm in Holmby Hills may arrive at the fairest value by choosing which payment plan will fit the entire project.

Our architects may mix a couple of payment structures in the payment plan, so you only have to pay for the specific services that make a difference in the process. Contact us for a brief overview of all our payment plans and consultation about your particular construction project.


Architect Holmby Hills
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