Our company actively volunteers and participates with different philanthropical organizations around WNY to help our communities grow and prosper. WBI works with organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY. Our founders take an active role in speaking with youth about their futures, helping non-profits build living spaces for the less fortunate, and assist with many fund-raising events around our community to help everyone grow and be healthy. Ryan Willett works closely with the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo within their career launch program. There he speaks with groups of teenagers about the opportunities ahead within the construction communities and advises them on how they can be a part of it. Ryan Willett is also the Chair of the Sustainability Committee for the Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY. There he meets with a group of business leaders each quarter to discuss action plans for more sustainable and healthier construction of property space for the WNY area. The Sustainability Committee organizes its own events and panel discussions to get every major builder within WNY engaged in more sustainable solutions for everyone’s future.


  • Build a smarter and more sustainable future
  • Make a positive impact on our communities and beyond
  • Be the #1 resource for end-to-end delivery solutions for any project
  • Build with quality & safety in mind
  • Maintain lasting & meaningful relationships within the building community

Quality and Safety:

Whether we are managing or installing a project, workmanship and safety are our top priority. Some of our best attributes are our great reference sheet, zero injuries on the job, and every job completed on time! The quality assurance of our work is the basis of our resume. Since inception we have had zero issues and 100% happy customers.