Current Interests


Our Capacity: WBI will provide day to day oversight of project subcontractors, vendors, and affiliates to deliver a project within budget and on time for our customer. In addition, we have an extensive labor force to provide the construction work needed within the general trades such as masonry, concrete work, carpentry and structural outlay applications.

WBI Advantage: WBI has a deep-rooted history in WNY construction. With our network spanning multiple generations, WBI has the answers for every project need from the design phase to installation. Our connections, experience, smarts and great workmanship make us shining examples of how a GC should deliver in the customers’ eyes.

Construction Management

Our Capacity: WBI can manage the entire workflow process of a construction project. From the early planning stages and building modeling to construction closeout, we act as the building owner’s single point of contact and #1 resource for project oversight and control. Our unique system allows us to centralize information, manage the contracts performance, and finish on/under budget.

WBI Advantage: Our system allows us to utilize a centralized database for every representative of the project to work from. We have a platform where administrative requirements, scheduling, reporting and budget oversight can be securely viewed & managed by each project representative accordingly. Our reputation for high efficiency and communicativeness allows us to be the best choice for all owners within both private and public sectors of construction.

Fabrication Services

Our Capacity: WBI can fabricate systems of all types. Ranging from process piping to structural steel, we can design, construct, deliver, and maintain systems accordingly. We have a CWI onsite for code welding applications, along with staff from all corners of the trades to fabricate systems for any project.

WBI Advantage: WBI is one of the few construction firms that can build the complex systems required to meet the needs of customers in the oil, natural gas, and commodities sectors. We are also one of the only fabrication companies that can deliver a start to finish application, from design stages to delivery onsite.

Facilities Maintenance

Our Capacity: WBI will perform preventative maintenance, manage & maintain building’s facilities, and perform emergency service work as well. Our friendly & knowledgeable service staff will stop the issue right away and prevent it from happening again.

WBI Advantage: Maintenance success comes from having a dynamic track record of experience with all generations of makes & models of equipment. WBI service staff has over 35 years of experience working with all types of systems and makes of equipment.

Specialty Services

Our Capacity: WBI performs specialty services such as energy audits for industrial water & power systems. Engineering consulting for our customers in the commodities industries. Welding services for any steel framing or piping systems on the market. We are also able to provide lean consulting service for our client’s project needs.