Construction Management
Construction Management Buffalo, Construction Management Rochester, Construction Manager Buffalo, Construction Manager Rochester

A Construction Manager (CM) or construction management team will see a project from its inception all the way through to closeout, overseeing every step along the way.  A third party involved in the entire construction phase maximizes efforts and reduces waste by having a single point of contact.  Having the experience, and knowledge in all phases of a construction project allows for the CM team to maximize the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the project.  Utilizing the services of a construction manager often allows the owner to end up with a better product, because of all the additional planning and insight they can provide.

Construction Management Buffalo, Construction Management Rochester, Construction Manager Buffalo, Construction Manager Rochester

The Enhanced Construction Manager Advisor (ECMA) is a fee based delivery method which entails a commitment by the CM to manage the overall construction phases, act as the owner’s representative, and give the option to self-perform any major discipline of construction work.  It is a process that allows a client to select a CM based on qualifications; make the CM a member of a collaborative project team; centralize responsibility for construction through the advisory team, produce a more manageable, predictable project; save time and money; and reduce risk for the client.

This delivery method has several unique benefits to the Owner, including:

• The ECMA is an Owner advocate and manages the project with the Owner’s best interest in mind always. The ECMA serves as the owner’s full-time on-site representative to fully protect the owner’s interests.
• The ECMA takes burden off the Owner in managing and coordinating the project. ECMA will lead coordination efforts between all participants.
• Constructability and value to the Owner are afforded by the Value Engineering expertise brought to the process by the ECMA.
• ECMA services are professional services like architectural, engineering, surveying, etc. The ECMA’s main purpose is to manage the overall construction of the project while also being able to self-perform many disciplines. This management focus adds much value to the project.
• The ECMA will assist the Architect/Engineer team with installation quality assurance monitoring.

Our Construction Management Services

On Site. On Budget. On Task.

Willett Builders Construction Management is a relentless force, always striving for our clients’ satisfaction. Our construction management services were designed with the full intention of delivering value.

Our extensive construction management services include:

• Safety Management
• Quality Management
• Program Review
• Cost Estimating
• Value Engineering
• Construct-ability Reviews
• Preliminary Scheduling
• Bid Phase Management
• Document Control
• Submittal Management
• Cost Control & Contingency Management
• Construction Schedule Management
• Meetings & Meeting Minutes
• Contract Management
• Communications Management
• And More!

A Proactive, Detail-Oriented Team

Construction is a complicated business, and a good construction management firm will have the necessary knowledge to oversee the quality of several trades; the business acumen to handle budgets & project management; and the organization and communication skills to lead, and handle obstacles that arise.

Willett Builders Construction Management takes responsibility for planning, managing, and reporting key details, and will oversee:

Budgeting and Schedules:

Willett Builders will assist you in budgeting every aspect of the project, & provide transparency throughout every discussion.  We are experts at laying out an accurate timeline, and taking all the steps to keep the project on schedule.


Our number one priority is the safety of our employees, partners, clients, and anyone else who is on any of our construction sites.  We take every precaution to ensure the entire space is secure.

Materials Management:

A critical role a construction manager plays is planning.  Making sure that all the necessary materials are on the site, at the correct time, ensures a safe environment, and keeps the project on schedule.  Our expert fabrication team often gives us even more control of the materials, and makes communication easier–  further streamlining the process.

Project Coordination:

Our experience has allowed us to be involved with different construction projects, working with many stakeholders, and we have seen every issue imaginable.  Being able to effectively lead, communicate, and handle these situations make us a great construction management partner.  We will get the job done right, by ensuring every member of the team is working toward your goal.

Why Work With Us

Construction Management Buffalo, Construction Management Rochester, Construction Manager Buffalo, Construction Manager Rochester

Our Capacity: WBI can manage the entire workflow process of a construction project. From the early planning stages and building modeling to construction closeout, we act as the building owner’s single point of contact and #1 resource for project oversight and control. Our unique system allows us to centralize information, manage the contracts performance, and finish on/under budget.

WBI Advantage: Our system allows us to utilize a centralized database for every representative of the project to work from. We have a platform where administrative requirements, scheduling, reporting and budget oversight can be securely viewed & managed by each project representative accordingly. Our reputation for high efficiency and communicativeness allows us to be the best choice for all owners within both private and public sectors of construction.


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